Cocoon House is relocating to an exciting new spot !

After seven wonderful years in our current Amsterdam location, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be relocating to a former 1930s post office in Hilversum by the middle of the first quarter in 2024.
This space not only gives us room to grow our passions for 20th-century antiques, interior design, and art but also provides a fantastic backdrop for new collaborations, events and inspiring shoots. Thanks for the wonderful partnerships this past year, and here’s to an amazing 2024!

January - Process of planning to restore the old monumental post hall to its original spaciousness and grandeur.
February - The monumental curved ceiling stripped of paint residue and subsequently sandblasted to reveal the concrete formwork structure. Started the process of leveling and plastering of the walls.

At the same time, we're busy preparing for the move from our current location in Amsterdam, with the assistance of all these wonderful people.
History - The initial plans for constructing a new post office at the intersection of Kerkbrink and Oude Torenstraat were devised in 1935.

In 1939, the final plans were drawn up. The distinguished section of the building is adorned with limestone panels. The front facade follows the gentle curve of the street. The tall entrance boasts ample glass and recessed doors. The copper bird sculpture was crafted by J. Kriege.

Inside the bright hall, a large mural adorns the wall, painted by Ch. Roelofsz based on a design by L. Gestel. This marked L. Gestel's first mural commission, though he passed away before its completion. The post office was quietly inaugurated in 1943.

In March 2024, Cocoon House will give the post hall a beautiful new purpose!