Cocoon Living inspiration trip to Paris

On Monday it finally was time, the Cocoon Living team travelled to Maison&Object in Paris. The purpose of this trip was to view inspiration, ideas and the viewing newest trends in interior and design. Also our search for specific furniture for our projects has also been successful.

We visited several of or fixed suppliers on the fair. One tendency we were confirmed in was that the seventies Rule!  All goes back to the seventies., fashion, hair, interior, colour schemes, flower arrangements, it feels like its been long since a trend was so clearly visible and mind changing as now. Curvy shapes and bouclé fabrics. Graphic patterns and bright colours!  Also a huge confirmation of the direction with the style of the Cocoon collectables web shop, and the design of several current projects.

After a long and constructive day at the fair, we travelled to the ‘BOBO’ 11 arrondissement to check in to our hotel.  We got ready to leave to the city center for dinner. Mathieu made reservations at the inspiring atmosphere of the famous ‘Monsieur Bleu’ restaurant at palais de Tokyo. An overwhelmingly grand space with 7 meter high ceiling, with impressive and highest level interior design by Famous Josehp Dirand, made us almost forget about the food. The direct view on the Eiffel tower, nearly perfect food and the high fashion audience, led this day to a satisfying end.

The next morning we continued our design tour to Ateliers de Lumiers. In this old factory hall of 3,200 square meters, a life-size Van Gogh’s paintings had been transformed into a mindblowing 3d animation of wich the audience was part. Ofcourse a visit to conceptstore Merci could not be missed either. This will always be an inspirational place in many ways!

Next to public transportation we enjoyed the city traffic mostly on the great electric steppes, mostly because of the great and sunny wheater. This way we have been able to see a lot of lesser-known parts of the city. The overall re-appreciation of the seventies style and design, made the architectural style of the past catch our eye during our  little tour throught the city.