Large Cabinet made from Mindi Wood & Rattan


Discover this stunning cabinet crafted from Mindi wood and Rattan, finished with Roasted Coffee, Natural Rattan and brass elements. It measures 100 cm in width, 47 cm in depth, and 187.5 cm in height and features adjustable feet for convenience. Currently taking center stage in the new showroom at Cocoon House in Hilversum!

Mindi wood is a durable type of wood frequently used in furniture production for its strength and attractive grain pattern. Rattan, a natural material sourced from specific palm species, is often utilized for weaving and furniture construction due to its flexibility and durability. Together, Mindi wood and rattan create a stylish and functional cabinet design.

Additional information

Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 47 × 100 × 187,5 cm

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