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NSNG One More Time Clock Chrome, Kiki & Joost (SOLD)

No Screw No Glue is an iconic range of furniture and objects designed by Joost Van Bleiswijk in which the components are laser cut and assembled by slotting the pieces together. As the name implies, these pieces do not require screws, glue, or other fixings. Joost chooses the items with great care. It’s not only the style of design and the archetypical feel he finds very important but also the narrative that springs from the object itself. After collecting hundreds of images he creates contemporary versions of long-forgotten objects such as a writing desk, standing clock, hourglass, and a chessboard carefully hand-finished and unique. NSNG is quickly becoming a classic and it is one of the most renowned collections of Joost van Bleiswijk. Finishes: Polished Stainless steel, black anodized, blue anodized, red anodized, gold anodized, copper plated, copper, heated stainless steel, nickel-plated, plated brass, rusted corten steel, sandblasted brass.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 25 × 37 cm