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CLOUD modular sofa – Acquario by Dani/testa di morro (SOLD)

Cloud emerges from a lineage of modular sofas, providing a range of arrangements tailored to fit any given space. Its form is characterized by the straightforward lines of a slightly lower armchair and an elevated armrest. Cold foam support fortifies the entirety of Cloud, while a superficial layer of feather filling introduces extra softness, resulting in the delightful sensation of ‘sitting on the clouds.’ Enhanced by a cover crafted from natural materials, the experience of relaxation and pleasure is optimized. Cloud’s dimensions are attuned to the diverse needs of user groups, offering a choice between two module widths. Its design renders Cloud particularly well-suited for furnishing expansive spaces.

This presented configuration consists of a 1-seater extended (R) and a 1-seater + armrest (L). Delivered in a stunning, stylish, and durable leather upholstery from the Acquario/Acquario Testa di Moro Collection, which only grows more beautiful with time.


Showroom model:

1seater extended (R)

153 x d 112  x  h 70 cm
(FABRIC Category 80/Acquario by Dani/testa di morro)


1seater + armrest (L)

133 x  d 112 x h 70 cm
(FABRIC Category 80/Acquario by Dani/testa di morro)