Dirk Duif


In this collection, I aim to delve into the essence of my work, laying the groundwork with the initial series of objects. These mirrors narrate an aesthetic tale, where I utilize the mirror frame as the backdrop of the setting. Through the small balustrade, I endeavor to evoke the sensation of a balcony. Playing with the scale of a familiar object, this miniature rendition instills a sense of grandeur beyond its actual scale, aiming to amplify space for imagination. By employing the mirror, one becomes an integral part of the setting.

The pieces are all crafted from steel, a material I frequently employ due to its versatility and inherent qualities. The frames are partially sandblasted to achieve a matte yet slightly glossy effect. Moreover, the balustrade is left unblasted to accentuate its dark, rolled appearance.


Dirk Duif creates furniture and sculptures primarily using steel, with each piece embodying a unique expression and evolving freely without predetermined dimensions, allowing them to breathe with their own life. As a 24-year-old designer and artist from Eindhoven, Stijp-s, he has been curious from a young age about how things work and are shaped. This obsession is reflected in his creations, where he believes in a free evolutionary process, resulting in objects that embody craftsmanship and artistry.