Fine-art photography by Pam Kat “Streetview 1 (edition 8)”


Pam Kat, born and raised in Amsterdam in 1982, honed her photographic skills at ‘The Photo Academy’ (FOAC) in her hometown. During her studies, she developed a keen interest in composition, particularly within the realm of architecture. This passion translated into project assignments for a diverse clientele, including architects, real estate developers, and interior decorators. Consequently, Pam’s work is sought after, being both sold and leased by various institutions, offices, and private clients. Her photography also graces the pages of numerous publications, both nationally and internationally.

Beyond commissioned work, Pam channels her admiration for architecture into personal projects. Here, she artfully captures human subjects in captivating architectural settings, showcasing her meticulous observations, unique compositions, and a bold understanding of the interplay of lines. These non-commissioned pieces find a home in galleries and exhibitions, where Pam’s work never fails to surprise and engage the viewer. In recognition of her talent, Pam was honored as New Dutch Photography Talent in 2012.

Streetview 1 (edition 8)

150×40 print/ aluminium/ acrylate/ profile

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Dimensions 150 × 40 cm