Hand-made large ceramic cylinder lamp (base H60 cm; new)


This Cylinder Lamp is hand made in The Netherlands with love and respect for people and the planet. Therefore all materials used are as close to nature as possible.

The ceramics are fired using some basic principles of the technique generally known as Raku. Key to the art is to pull the ceramics at high temperature out of the kiln. After the clay mixture is poured it comes out of the mold and is extensively polished, all patterns are manually engraved at this stage. Then the clay gets the chance to dry naturally and harden. When dry enough the biscuit is fired, the clay turns into stone after which it can’t be altered. The glazes are then applied manually to the biscuit. After which the ceramics is fired for the second time. At the top of the temperature the ceramics are pulled out of the kiln and placed in a reduction chamber filled with combustible. The combustible burst into flames and oxidizes the metals within the glaze.

Please note: lampshade (€ 275) not included. Currently wired for Europe. Please enquire for rewiring services.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 60 cm