HELIOS Table white – designed by Sander van Eyck


Experience light like never before with the HELIOS table lamp, designed by product and interior designer Sander van Eyck. This 8-light structure, measuring 65cm in width and 67cm in height, resembles a contemporary art piece more than a traditional light source, making a bold statement on its own. With its white color, the HELIOS effortlessly fits into any space, spreading a warm and cozy glow while adding visual richness. Its standout feature? The lamp is dimmable to a maximum wattage of 5W, allowing you to customize the lighting to your preference. Even when turned off, the HELIOS exudes an aura of refinement and modernity, perfectly enhancing your interior decor. In short, the HELIOS table lamp guarantees atmospheric and flexible lighting, functionality, and exceptional design.


SKU 2404-05
Designer Sander van Eyck | Cocoon Living
Fitting G9
Wattage max. 5W
Aantal lichtbronnen 8-lichts
Dimbaar Ja
IP waarde IP20
Input Voltage 230VAC
Klasse geaard
Lichtbron incl. lichtbron 21.8251.82.A
Product Breedte 65cm
Product Hoogte 67cm