“Orchidée” Lounge Chair by Michel Cadestin for Airborne, France, 1968


This large fiberglass lounge chair, the “Orchidée” was one of the Cadestin models that were ordered by the Centre Pompidou Museum. The design dates to 1968 and was manufactured by Airborne International.

This chair stands out both in terms of size, as well as its design. While the fiberglass base provides a modern look, the upholstered seat and back give the chair a cosy feel.

Thanks to its impressive size and soft fabric, this chair is perfect for lounging while also adding an eye-catching visual element to any space. Among the models Cadestin designed for the Center Georges Pompidou, the Orchid is one of the most outstanding pieces.

The “Orchidée” chair is originally equipped with armrests.

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