Oil Painting by Mart Visser

Mart Visser (1968) pursued education at the Montaigne Fashion Academy and the Saga International Design Centre in Copenhagen. Apart from Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter, Mart Visser has dedicated over eight years to creating impressive portraits and faces.

Through both painting and sculptures, he imparts unprecedented expression to faces. To create his works, Visser draws inspiration from the faces he encounters, allowing his creativity to flow freely. Initially, he never knows where the pen or brush will take him.

Mart Visser’s career as a couturier revolves around dressing individuals. His strength lies in the personal attention he can give to the women he dresses. He can translate a client’s original idea into a three-dimensional creation where structure, texture, and technique characterize his designs.

Mart Visser’s art comes about in a similar manner; each piece is a personal reflection of the encounters this multidisciplinary artist experiences. Every work has its own unique texture, emerging through the application of various techniques.

The contrast between the delicate design of his haute couture and the ruggedness of his artwork is apparent. Both the color palette and the dynamics in different material usage are evident in both of his disciplines. The most significant commonality is his ability to sense the individual and give it a three-dimensional twist.

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Dimensions 31 × 38 cm