UPLIFT armchair with integrated bed – 1seater 80cm – (new)


The modern UPLIFT is not a normal armchair. With a simple folding mechanism, you can turn the UPLIFT chair into a sleeper in no time!

The price quoted is for the UPLIFT 1seater in a 300-category fabric.

Available on backorder


UP-LIFT represents innovation in an armchair typology with its integrated bed. Its shape allows for transformation through the simple raising UP of the back rest, which causes the automatic LIFT of the leg rest, whilst maintaining an optimal height. Its harmonious form consists of two separate volumes, which rotate around each other in an eccentric fashion.

The armrest is curved, as it also functions as a wheel, and the backrest is tilted and rounded to minimise the volume. These curvatures are what characterise UP-LIFT. Besides its specific rotation, harmonious ergonomics and shape, every detail of UP-LIFT has been carefully thought out and designed.

Special attention was given to the lower construction. Elastic bands and high quality foam placed at strategic points allow for maximal comfort and minimal bulk. In addition to the armchair, the UP-LIFT family also includes a loveseat, which unfolds into a double bed. Together or apart, they allow for free furniture configuration, and their dual functions provide interesting interior layout scenarios that call for additional sleeping furniture.

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