Sold Out!

UPLIFT sofa bed – 2seater 160cm (new; stock model) (SOLD)

This sofa presents a unique and innovative design for a lounge, incorporating a built-in sofa bed. The transformation takes place through the lifting and rotating of the backrest, creating a vertical surface. The sofa is offered in various configurations, including a single armchair, 1.5-seater, and 2-seater lounge, allowing for the installation of a single queen, single, or double bed module. Upholstery options are limited to fabrics exclusively available in the house collection of textiles.

Due to our upcoming move, we can offer this stock model at a significant discount! The quoted price applies to the UpLift 2-seater sleeper sofa in a 300-category fabric, specifically GRIZZLY 300 (refer to the picture below), which we have in stock and can deliver promptly.




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