Cocoon House ‘zomersalon’

In June, Cocoon House will not only open the doors to its new showroom in Hilversum but will also host a vibrant summer salon showcasing a diverse selection of design and art. This exhibition will feature the works of renowned designers interacting with the distinctive vintage furniture from the Cocoon House collection.

Stylists Sander van Eyck and curator Wisse Trooster have collaboratively created an engaging dialogue, where each design piece, artwork and piece of furniture tells its own unique story.

Participants include: Dirk Duif, Fransje Gimbrere, Inge Simonis, Karel Bodegom, Kiki van Eijk, Marcio Pontes, Mariekke Jansen, Nienke Sikkema, Sandra Keja Planken, studio mo man tai, Studio Range, Sven Jansse and The Novel Grey. The works are available for purchase at Cocoon House.

Address: Kerkbrink 16, 1211 BX Hilversum. Opening hours for the exhibition: Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00.